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and jews the the electoral college. they were clustered in swing states in florida. so it protects all minorities. it makes them particularly in a close state enormous prizes. the idea of who will be the leader of this perfectly good it country can be a tie and that so many tens of millions of people are really disenfranchised because they live in a boosted or wednesday, my thought was, i think it should be controversial, but if you award a federal statute, one electoral vote to the winner of the popular vote, that would eliminate a tie and would make everybody feel that if they wanted to feel that way -- it would make everybody feel they were part of the process, even if they feel -- even if they lived in a 70-30 swing state. >> he know, a couple of points that have been made. it is a rare election that is not decided in some fashion on the margins. yet it does result in an electoral college bonus. ronald reagan got 51% of the popular vote and won an enormous surplus of electoral votes. democrats tried to make the case when the republicans swept all of the senate seats that a shift to
for the coal fields. host: our last call is from florida. good evening. caller: i was just going to comment that i just can't believe how far right winged the republican party has become. i was watching a speech by richard nixon back in the 1950's and he was talking about national healthcare and they've just gone so far to the right where they really have zero social conscience and i'm hoping obama wins. he's talking about things that are important to the american citizen. being just a war machine taking over what great britain did prior to world war ii. host: what about in terms of campaign signs or people coming to your door and the tv and the advertising in florida? caller: we've had two door knocks. what is getting my goat is the synagogues here that were always democratic are now upset with obama's relationship with gnaten i can't had you and they feel like they're not going to be protected by the united states. our country protects israel and i don't get it. i run into so many people who are $40,000 republicans and mitt romney doesn't have their best interest at heart. host: your pred
:00, scientists using gaming skills and gaming. to solve more problems. >> florida republican senator marco rubio was in iowa over the weekend as the keynote speaker at a political fundraiser for republican governor terry branstad. the event marked the governor 65th birthday and took place in altoona, iowa. this is about 45 minutes. >> are you ready? it is now my honor to introduce tonight's great speaker senator marco rubio. [applause] senator rubio first served in the florida house of representatives from 2000 to 2008 and was elected to the u.s. senate in 2012. in the u.s. senate, he serves on commerce, science and transportation, foreign relations, intelligence, and small business and entrepreneurship committee. he has the courage and tenacity to stand up to washington's reckless spending and assaults on the free enterprise system. he is the type of elected officials that we need to restore fiscal discipline in this country and champion job creation. if you ask me, america can expect great things from this man in the years to come. ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm iowa welcome to senat
and military spending. loorow all the florida th debates. >> a discussion on the future of the republican party from washington journal, about 40 minutes. guest: including me. than romney losing. obama may have been the only democratic candidate running on a record of a weak economy and debt crisis that we face and still win. yet, he did. they did very many things that were right. you can point to a couple of things with mitt romney. he may not have been the perfect candidate for 2012 given his corporate turnaround background, secondly, he did not get something republicans have counted on and that is the white working-class voters. in states like ohio, the ads attacking mayor romney as a corporate raider and buccaneer that went on for many months put on by the obama campaign seemed to work. the white working-class vote did not turn out for mitt romney in the numbers he needed. host: you had a piece yesterday, "the survivor in chief." you know to that they expose the myth of the enthusiastic democratic voter. guest: it was a myth i subscribe to for a while. i am sure you read about this over and
the coast lines of florida to virginia's rolling hills, from the valleys will keep america moving forward. \[applause] time to ask for your vote. i came back to ask you to help us finish what we've started because this is where our movement for change began, right here, right here, right behind these bleachers is the building headquarters in 2008. \[applause] i was just inside and it brought back a whole lot of memories. this is where some of the first young people who joined our campaign set up shop. and less sleep because they their country can change it. who shared that belief came to help. the first week or so, some of you brought hats and gloves for these poor kids, they weren't when the walls inside were barry, one of you painted a mural to lift everybody's spirits. when we had a state march, when we had a dinner to fire up. you brought your neighbors and you made homemade signs. when we had work to do you showed up after work already tired but staying late anyway into the night and you welcomed me and michelle into your homes and you picked us up when we needed a lift and your face
for the popular vote in the national vote happened for ohio and florida, so the lgbt support for obama is bigger and ohio and florida and his winning margin. you can credibly argue that that vote mattered a lot, and if you think about an election where obama loses, ohio and florida, you think about a different election. then i looked at what if romney and obama had more or less split? quite frankly, it has been about that since clinton, roughly 3-1. that is the highest it has been, but quite frankly it has been high all through. what if they split it, more or less evenly, or romney got a little bit more? if romney had won 51%, they would have one of ohio, florida, and virginia. he would have been within four electoral votes of the president. and ohio and florida, all he had to do was win a little over 1/3 of the lgbt vote to win. while i do not think that suggests that suddenly in the way be are now talking about like immigration and things that republicans have to rethink their strategy, i do not think it is quite that level of impact, but a little bit of movement in oflgbt vote in key states,
'll be joined tonight by their wives. the romney ryan tour will cover eleven states florida iowa michigan north carolina new hampshire virginia and wisconsin. and of course the tour is kicking off here in ohio. live road to the white house coverage here on c-span. >> ladies and gentlemen from the great stated of ohio lieutenant governor mayor -- mary taylor. >> four more days. are we ready to do everything we can in ohio to elect mitt romney and paul ryan the next president and vice president of the united states? as always a great crowd in ohio. this is outstanding. i've done a lot of campaign rallies over the past couple of weeks and i've decided i've boiled my reasons for supporting mitt romney and paul ryan down to three reasons. the first, president obama comes to ohio and likes to take credit for getting our state back on track. but we know that's not true. it's the work that the governor and i have done with all of you to balance our budget and get our state back on track. we didn't raise taxes, we cut taxes. [applause] here is my second reason and this one is personal for me. my younges
at the state level -- florida,at one point, we had 700 approved providers. that's not a good position for us to be in in that market either. district would say we have hordes of providers coming to their districts that they had no control. i think south carolina has that -- districts can pick the five providers they want to work with. i think we're seeing more and more districts have more control. if ses is still around in the area. i hate that's what we're going -- i think that is what we're going to move to, states that continue to approve providers will move to stay in the district where they can approve the providers to work with or have more input into what happens in the program because that wasn't happening before. >> we're just about out. i do want to hear -- as we look at a second obama term, there is one change in federal policy that would help us tap the ability of the private sector to serve kids in communities as well and deal with malfeasance or concerns, what one thing which you like to see? >> the performance-based or outcome-based pay would be a huge shift that would get th
welcome from the state of florida, senator marco rubio. >> thank you. i love being in ohio. my refrigeratothis is just liken florida. my refrigerator may be in florida. [laughter] our next president and vice president will be mitt romney and paul ryan. there is a lot to say. we know what this election is about. what i love most about the presidential election is that it reminds us what is at stake. it reminds us how special and unique the american story has been. there has never been a place like this in all the history of the world. the drop in history of mankind, almost everyone has been poor and powerless. the same people kept winning and everyone else was under them until america. america change that because we believe that every single human being is born with certain rights that come from god and not from the government or the president. [cheers and applause] that is what is at stake in this election right now. before as is a clear choice between very -- did a very different visions. one threat is to rob us of the many things that make this different and specials. the roa
to land in florida in june instead of massachusetts in january. then they were killed by spanish. and the woman taken captive by indians, marched into new hampshire. in the middle of the night she killed her captors, realized she could get a bounty for scalps, indian scalps, went back, scalped them, made her way to boston where she was a heroine, they reect -- erected a statue to her, showed her with a hatchet in one hand, scalps in the other. >> kenneth davis is our guest, he's the best-selling author of the "don't know much" series. the most recent, "don't know much about the american presidents." watch live sunday at noon eastern on c-span2. >> just a few minutes ago, i called vice president bush and congratulated him on his victory. and i know i speak for all of you and all the american people when i say he will be our president. and we'll work with him, this nation faces major challenges ahead. and we must work together. >> i've just received a telephone call from governor dukakis. [cheers and applause] and i want you to know he was most gracious, his call was personal, it w
to have made a difference. for a while it looked like that may have been the case in florida, but at this point, it's not. host: for those who don't know give us a sense of how these exit polls are put together. is there one firm that does all these polls or many? >> guest: there is one firm that does it for the networks and associated press and other people by the exit poll. but they put the exit poll together. they send people out to thousands of polling places around the country to sample voters as they come out of the polling places, they give them sample ballots and ask them to fill out showing who they voted for and a few basic demographic factors and a couple of other questions. they supplement that with a telephone survey to capture people who voted early. they put those two things together and then very importantly, they match the turnout that the exit poll predicted in a particular prinks with the actual turnout in that prep sinket so you have to wait the results so you make sure your poll is reflecting the turnout in the places you sampled. so the numbers toned shi
. but they wanted to california so we are doing california. texas and florida will give you an idea of how you can govern without an income tax -- not a 13% income-tax. people move. the kind of know what will happen -- indiana passed right to work, cutting taxes, giving half the kids in the state school choice, a voucher, a scholarship of $5,000. illinois just raise taxes so as not to reform the government pension system. who is going to build a factory within 100 miles on the western side of that border? any takers for the people who think jobs and opportunities are going to move into illinois, or not? why, if we know something it is not going to work, do we impose a nationally when we wanted to let the state level. people that the leading blue states for decades. not always to warmer climates -- states with lower income tax and less spending. people move to the states with fewer government services. really? why do we pretend that is what people want as opposed to what the unionized bureaucracy in the state government says it wants. we are also seeing test on school choice. louisiana and indiana
in florida and virginia, mitt romney held the final rally of the day in new hampshire. he announced his run for the presidency nearly 1.5 years ago. ♪ ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] >> thank you so very much. thank you. [cheers and applause] thank you. thank you. [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] [crowd chanting, "usa, usa, usa"] >> now that, that is quite a welcome. thanks. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] let me, first of all -- [cheers and applause] thank you. thank you. that was fabulous. and let me introduce you to the next first lady of the united states, ann romney. [cheers and applause] >> thank you, new hampshire. and i have to say thank you to kid rock. that has been our theme song. it has been a long journey. it started in new hampshire 1.5 years ago. our hearts are full, and what we have learned by going on the trail is that we have seen the america that you all love, that we all love. we fear it is in danger, that it is slipping away from us. i
democrats to come out and vote as there were. florida, for example. i think it is the poster child for places where republicans were not anticipating that this new latino population would come out and vote. the latino population had a very big effect as well. democrats won house positions in places like illinois, orlando, and even miami dade. the reason why obama was able to hang on to florida was because of non-cuban hispanics and miami dade. >> i think republicans bounced back as well as they could. mitt romney won more than ronald reagan did in 1980. he did better among the college whites. obama dropped from 40 to 32. -- to 36. his margin drop by 80,000 votes since 2008. he had a lot of erosion. mitt romney had no serious plan for talking to nonwhite voters. i visited the campaign officials. they did not know the names of the hispanic outreach. one senior romney advisers said to me, "this is the last time anyone will try to do this." it was almost entirely from the votes of whites. >> looking ahead, the republican party, anytime you lose, there is rethinking. i think people thin
could be here very much their christmas eve. host: ann from florida, good morning. caller: good morning. i like to ask steven sloan. he is an incredible guest. i'm in my 50's in florida. i take care of my grandson. what i'm asking you is your generation will not have to be on top of these issues. i appreciate all that you do. if you were at my age and you refinanced your home and had good credit, and all that money that goes for paying into the refinance of your home, is that still a deduction as the east today if you refinanced your home? i'm talking the primary home. host: are you affected by the tax credits we're talking about today? caller: i am disabled and i had bone issues. my husband does take one deduction and i take care of my grandchild. my children are married and stable. host: thank you for the question. guest: the mortgage interest deduction is still available to you. it has not gone away. the mortgage insurance deduction is a logger in place. you can still claim the mortgage just deduction. host: does it have to be from a recognized day care provider? guest: there are som
race in south florida. he has become a national figure. the media loves him because he gives controversial quotations. he is favored to win but it will be tight. watch the race with michele bachmann. she always manages to survive. she always seems to survive
want to welcome the legion's of delivery that is here as well. my friends from florida to i had a chance to visit with this morning at breakfast very briefly. but instead of me going through a complete statement i ask unanimous consent i can enter the full statement into the record, and with that, i would like to go ahead and introduce -- let's see -- mike, would you like to give a quick opening statement? >> thank you very much, mr. chairman. i , too would like to welcome the national commander here this morning as well as the national president of the american legion auxiliary. i want to thank both of you for your advocacy for our veterans and in during support of the american legion is over 2.5 million members for our veterans. before we start, i would also like to extend compliments to your washington, d.c., staff, to let you know that the staff here in d.c., it is a pleasure working with them, but they are also out there each and every day fighting for the american legion's prairies. i want to thank you, national commander, for an excellent staff you have here in washington
in florida that had been appointed by two republican governors. the point is that professionalism counts. remedies. my remarks tonight are not intended to be an argument against political appointees. rather i am arguing for moderation and balance. there is an important role for both political appointees and career civil servants. there is a contrast between the roles, too. political appointees are concerned with politics, politicians, and a command and want to change things. the career people are concerned with administration. the political people make policy as is appropriate and the career people implement those policies. the political people are concerned with change, either campaign. changing what is wrong with washington is a common theme in american politics. the career people are not concerned with continuity because they might be there for more years and they want those agencies to continue to run smoothly. they're concerned with professionals. the political people are representative of their political party and their president. career people are technical experts. political peop
think the core group in the senate has moved more to the right. host: ken is next from florida on the independent line. caller: thank you. good morning, gentlemen. if i may, i have heard your mantra on tv punishing success. a recent report by a nonpartisan bureaucracy indicated that for the last 30 or 40 years, thsi mantra that if we only give more tax breaks to the very wealthy, they will create jobs. that report indicated that is fallacious and not the case. mitch mcconnell and your republican colleagues in the senate had that report quashed. also if i may, during the bush administration, trillions of dollars were borrowed from china for wars that were off the budget that were never indicated that we were having deficit spending. we were borrowing from china. host: i will give you a chance to respond to that. guest: it is not rocket science in terms of what you need to do to grow an economy. we do not have the option of choosing whether we have to compete. you have to benchmark what your tax environment, your regulatory environment, your energy costs. the good news is in term
nurse in florida and became an episcopal priest, close to $100,000. she had to sell her house and she sold her car and took a vow of poverty to make it through that period. why not come up with better ways for people to say for this transition that so many more going through? there was another article in "the wall street journal" that describes the growing number of boomers who were tapping into the children's 529 accounts to go back to school, whether they were going from being an episcopal priest to a pediatric nurse and vice versa or some other combination. we have individual retirement accounts. i'd like to see individual purpose accounts where people save for their own transition and they don't have to go through their children's 529 account. at the policy level, why not take social security more flexible? why not enable people to take a year or two of social security in their 50's for example to go back to school or to do an encore fellowship or to do national service for a year and have people go to work and actuarially adjusted period on the other and? these are things that we
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)